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i broke free on a saturday morning   
09:36pm 01/10/2005
  news and the like...

everyone has left my apartment to go get food, and ive been meaning to write an update for some time now and i feel like flexing my thinking muscles is preferable to plopping myself down in front of the television while waiting for everyone to return.

I took my first roadtest ever this wensday. Good lord, i think that it really cemented my desire to get a bike and live in a city with really good public transportation. The second i got in the car the nerves started in - the lady asked me how i was doing and i replied "nervous". At this point i realized she had asked me not because she cared at all, but rather because its the way yr supposed to start social interactions. this did not bode well. started driving, and the chant from her of "regular driving speed, SIR" really messed with my head. I tried to make a right on red and didnt realize that the oncoming car was not in the next lane over but indeed was in my lane. This is when the tester pulled up the emergency brake. no good. no good indeed.after being scolded i was treated to more scolding during my broken u turn. goddamn. needless to say, i failed quite miserably. i was shaken badly enough to cry for like an hour afterward. mostly i was pissed because i just didnt want to have to try and take the test again. next test: totally upstate.

anywho, last night i traveled to the city with hillary to see the opening night of the new neil gaiman/jim henson company film Mirrormask. Which was pretty goddamn rad. It was meant to be in the same vein as The Dark Crystal and Labrinyth (is that how you spell it? the one with david bowie).  Anywho, it was a very alice in wonderland type deal with truly stunning CGI stuff going on. I was slightly concerned that all the CGI would really be annoying, but it was blended incredibly well with the human actors. actually the best ive ever seen such blending go. I'd reccomend it to most people, but especially those who are into the whole sci-fi/fantasy/comics kinda thing. lots of cool things, not to mention juggling and one of the best opening credit sequences i've seen.
(also some really good fonts akin to Sandman introduction pages that i'd really like to have - although i think they're a dave mckean hand drawn exclusive)

purchased a mountain goats album and man am i pleased. I know likeing them is not some new phenomenon, but im real into them right now. trying to get my hands on more as i write.  I think "This year" is gonna be my anthem for quite some time.

reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower series right now. gonna run now and do some crappin.

hoping to continue to force myself to write,
xoxo phil
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just because you look like guile doesnt mean you can sonic boom the vegas of our scene   
04:20pm 27/08/2005
mood: gross style sick
yes, its been an intresting last few days of summer, although they seem to be taking way too long to be done with. i've spent what is probobly far too much time inside my house, a lot of that time spent blowing my nose and popping sudafed like tic-tacs. I'm so upset about having a cold you have no idea - and its all because a while ago i said "i havent gotten sick in forever! i think taking vitamins everyday has made me invincible." clearly, that meant it was time to become infected with somthing. immediately. the snot is the worst part, but ive also been feeling like the world is very surreal right now.

maybe that has somthing to do with fever, or with my primary activities being:
falling asleep watching seinfeld
standing over my cat and yelling "what do you want?! what?!?" while he yells back. (kitty has a broken leg and is not pleased with his circumstances)
and doing crossword puzzles.
all while fretting about how much im not packing.

its really too bad you cant cure sickness just by being pissed off about it.
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01:07am 26/08/2005
  there is a CIV song in a nissan commercial. what in the fuck is that about?

is it... i dunno. does this seem weird to anyone else?
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and over and over   
11:14pm 24/08/2005
  ok, did not offer proper options for choosing before, so here are pictures.

tell me which you like better:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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these pretzels are making me thirsty.   
04:47pm 24/08/2005
  so, thanks to my mothers financial backing, im looking at new shoes. Me and max have narrowed things down, but i need your opinions to decide.
we have two options (click through to see):

The Red


The Green

what'll it be?

oh yeahs, quoster is down or somthing and its difficult to diagnose because dan left for school today. ooh difficulties.
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like 16 candles.   
06:38pm 22/08/2005
  hair final product...
beard is trimmed into submission and im letting the top grow out. my hair comes back quick anyways. im thinking it will look hotter when its more of a thin film of hair.

cheka chekaCollapse )
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put on some camo shorts.   
02:33am 19/08/2005
  tonight was the hair night. behind the cut is a fun transformation for you. it was fun for me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

HAIR! many picsCollapse )
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04:31pm 04/08/2005
  have you ever been on a bus and really hoped another car would smash into it? like "c'mon! hit us, this monster can take it!". Considering how most bus drivers drive, im surprised that has never happened to me. it must be spectacular. the only bus incidents i get are buses breaking down and delaying my day.

been thinking about making Quoster into a more personality/blog based kinda site. lots more in terms of several forms of entertainment. couple people writing, maybe comics, all alongside quotes. it would require a major overhaul on the formatting of the page, but ive thought about that before and it was just a matter of time before i undertook the project.

we'll see what happens.
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and saturday night rolls on.   
11:54pm 30/07/2005
  alrighty, so i was thinking this evening (and just this second being annoyed by how poorly the "k" in my keyboard works) and i recalled somthing that happened recently, maybe a week or two ago. Being out and about and discussing my sexuality with a boy not particularly "hip" to the whole gay/bisexual thing and i was posed a question id heard before but never been asked. that was:

Did you spit or swallow?

Having never had it directed at me before, i hadnt really thought how i would take it. so having been exposed, my feeling is that this question is ever so goddamn demeaning. is it just me or is that a very unpleasant thing to as someone. ladies? gents? everyone?

it put me on defense, thats for certain. maybe its because of the way it was said, which implied that the act in general was this disgusting thing to do, its entirely possible that the same question put diffrently would be fine. i dunno. thoughts?
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bottom line: i love mom.   
04:15pm 28/07/2005
  quick story:

riding to work with my mom today. She tells me about somthing she wanted me to read in the paper. Apparently this old man was found in his apartment being eaten by maggots. Still alive.
The moral of the story? she thinks my room is too dirty.
she takes room cleaning seriously.
and still tells me to be careful crossing the street.
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at least its not dysentery   
01:39pm 27/07/2005
  gotta say summer is pissing me off pretty bad. claire speaks the truth. not so much bugs but instead "oh god its so hot i think im gonna die". life sans air conditioning is tough. this is why i perfer being awake only after the sun has gone down (and even that has been too hot lately).

I wonder if theres anywhere on earth where its consistently fall and/or spring all year long.

anyways, watched The Last Boy Scout
with the fellas (and b - also one of the fellas but worth a mention since i dont see her enough). The film stars Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans and it was so bad in absolutely the best way possible that i dont understand how its not a cult classic. absolutely completely excellent. I'm pretty sure watching it to show people just how awesome it is will become a regular pastime at school this year.
check it out.
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all we wanna do is rap   
07:04pm 20/07/2005
  on the subject of once again having a job:

-jobs suck.

fun facts about the last three days:
-ive developed a brutal, brutal caffiene addiction. again.
-if i have a job like this for the rest of my life i will never quit smoking ever.
-ive switched from coffee to green tea, which promotes all sorts of good things like not having cancer.
-i dont do anything because i just want to sleep as soon as i get home
-long hours make me frailer than normal. today while driving home, i was honked at by two people. i almost started crying. i may still cry. we'll see how that develops.
-theres a reason i like to sleep all day. that is because daytime is too fucking hot. i work in an air conditioned building, so either i am too cold or too hot.
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12:13am 16/07/2005
  what do you think of a mouse arrow on the wrist in black as a tattoo? or just arrow in general?  
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try not to notice what im listening too.   
03:02pm 13/07/2005
  was reading through Wikipedia, particularly the nu-metal article, and i thought this quote was golden:

The popularity of such music in the late 1990s led to widespread negative associations with the phrase "nu metal", particularly due to commercialisation, and many nu-metal fans and artists reject the term, which has become almost an all-purpose musical insult.

(emphasis mine)
kinda psyched for harry potter.
thats all.
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it is programmed to analyze and report   
01:46pm 08/07/2005
  quick points because coherent sentence structure is more than i care to do.

-yeah, my sister is fine. she was walking to work.
-weird al is a vegan. who'd a thunk?
-ted leo continues to grow on me
-q and not u breakup? they seemed so happy in that tinymixtapes interview i read
-ive rediscovered the power of coffee as a day starter
-straight edge? not me. I've got Jake-edge.
-no more sand please
-is anyone good at maniac mansion? that malak is hard.
-John Reis (hot snakes, drive like jehu) has been/is fecking prolific. He's like a one man cap'n jazz deal.
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06:02pm 30/06/2005
  so last night i had a dream where paris hilton made out with me at my church - then i didnt get carded when buying sparx and a pack of cigarettes. then paris was all over this surfer dude. that was sucky.

yeah, real exciting.
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05:41pm 27/06/2005
  always grease the pan, even if you think its non-stick.
i just made the ugliest omlet ever.
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11:11pm 24/06/2005
  fuckity fuck. somebody listed the wrong date for plan-it-x fest, so im at home instead of there, where i am currently smelling a skunk and hoping that it wont spray my kitty.

tomorrow i travel to upstate to bury my great uncle, who died like 2 months ago. These things just wont quite end. my great aunt is out of here mind - she thinks the burial has happened many times.

my psychologist tells me that I "drink like an alcoholic" and ive been advised to stop drinking altogether. this is difficult, but i think i may just give it a try. i dunno.
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04:56am 23/06/2005
  at this point not sure if im going to be able to sleep, so i think i'll stay up, maybe get a bagel or somthing with my mom. I've been trying to get a jumpstart on days as of late, and it seems as though getting up before three totally escapes me. I have trouble with the whole normal sleep pattern thing.
maybe if i stay up and try doing house stuff maybe i'll sleep right.

also, feeling kinda uncertain about some things. cold feet maybe. we'll think about that.
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12:53am 22/06/2005
  I'm watching conan, and apparently because nbc now owns the usa network, it also subsequently owns walker texas ranger. So now as a feature conan has a lever that plays a breif clip of walker.
its probably the funniest thing i've ever seen. i actually cried.

also puked like forty times during the day today. ick.
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